Messed Up

Haha! You messed it up again!

That voice, always lurking, taunted her again.

See, it was always your mistakes.

You’re the one who messes things up

For yourself, and everyone else.

She stared her dead in her brown eyes.

Redness built up, but this time, she refused.

You need to stop, nothing is messed up!

She wouldn’t give in, staring back.

Her fist clinched tight, nails digging into her skin.

She forced herself to breathe in and out.

The voice called back. Just wait! You’ll see!

She blinked and centered herself once more.

She released her fist and rubbed her palms.

No, you’ll see. You won’t win this one!

With that, she exhaled and turned.

The mirror faded away.

She moved on and left doubt behind.

At least this time.

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