Afternoon Tea

A flat awaits along a cobblestone path.

A wrought iron fence holding flowering baskets

Bring wide smiles to passerbys.

Heels clack up the cement steps

To a scarlet door framed by white columns

Topped by an arched window covered by iron work on top.

A Welcome sign swings from a pole,

Greeting visitors by day and night.

A brass knocker, bold and heavy,

Echoes the pounding from the guests.

Slowly, the aged hinges groan

As the heavy door opens.

A booming voice from behind bellows

“Welcome! Please come in!”

The aromas of tea and cakes waft in the air

Enticing all who knock to come inside.

A cherub faced woman waves to doily and lace covered tables,

“Please have a sit and enjoy!”

Cups and kettles, plates and trays all around.

And upon the patrons not a scowl to be found.

Scrumptious savories make the taste buds dance,

Then scones and cream calm and cleanses the palate,

And finally the sweets delight and satiate

Even the most hungry of those who imbibe.

Welcome to what I dream of as afternoon tea.

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