The Spiral

The quiet is her refuge from the world,

But sometimes it becomes her nemesis.

She uses the time to dream and recharge,

But overdone it makes her a depressed recluse.

Seeking to find balance, she varies her attention

Work mainly is her social interaction,

And time with her mate and cats of course.

She tries to keep up with long time friends,

But now they are so far away,

And time eludes them all

from gathering these days.

So she loses herself in her dreams and fantasies,

The ones where she is bold and strong,

Or sexy and the focus of the one she really desires.

But now and again, she needs to face reality,

Clean the house and tackle the laundry too.

Finally she plans small get togethers,

Just one to three family or friends suit her best,

Yes, that is the perfect amount my dear.

And the depression lifts, her smile returns,

And she’s ready for life once more.

One thought on “The Spiral

  1. Darned reality has to get in the way, lol
    Love the way you showed the delicate balance of solitude and socializing…it truly can be a fine line at times, and different for everyone! πŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’ž

    Liked by 1 person

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