Optimistic Planner

Wandering the aisles, she slid her hand over the covers of planners screaming 2023 is on its way. The red one catches her eye, and she picks it up then flips through the pages.

Yes, this style will work. But the cover creeps her out. It feels like plastic, leather, and shaved fur…not pleasant at all after holding it a moment.

An emerald green one with a pliable cover, all in the same style inside, works much better. She plucks it off the shelf and into the crook of her elbow.

This is the year she’ll finally stick to the plan, make her calendar glow with all the great things she is going to achieve. She smiles and checks out.

Reality hasn’t caught up yet….she does this every year. Usually it doesn’t get past January 15th before the planner gets tucked into a corner to start to gather dust!

2 thoughts on “Optimistic Planner

  1. I love journals, planners, notebooks….you name it! My planner has to reside on the table where I see it every day, or it does get covered with dust, lol. Even still…some weeks remain empty. 💞

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