Snow Globe

“Give it a shake!” The salesclerk coaxed her. “Watch the magic unfold!”

The little girl gently tilted and shook the snow globe. When she set it back up, the snow swirled around the trees and the small family of deer prancing in the forest scene.

Her brown eyes stared intently, seeing other woodland creatures come into view. She felt a small little chill in the drafty store. It made her feel she was right there, standing on a snow bank watching it all unfold.

A strong but soft hand rested on her shoulder. She looked up, then pointed to the shelf.

“Sofia, we need to go. Maybe later, okay?” Her father looked over to the door. “We’re already late.”

She took a final look, then shook her head. She slipped her hand in his as he led her out of the shop. Off they went to see grandma, and soon the snow globe was a distant memory.

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