Where’s Christmas?

Christmas is upon us and I’m not ready.

My frenzies of wrapping, ribbons and bows,

Has still not happened despite efforts.

Carefully selected gifts for family,

Substituted with a bevy of gift cards,

Still generous, but not my normal way.

Decorations were slow to go up,

And nowhere as full as I usually do.

Travel for a week interrupted my flow,

But before that, other strains and pain reigned.

The season’s light usually brings cheer

But for some reason, it alludes this year.

My heart isn’t in it, with days to go.

Christmas, I hope you find me soon.

One thought on “Where’s Christmas?

  1. May you find your Christmas joy soon, Dawn! Sometimes it’s ok to do a more minimalist version of our ‘normal’ celebration…I try to prioritize with what fills me up the most and focus there….it seems to help. 💞💞💞

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