Down Under

Mindy swirled in the current, flipping her iridescent tail in the streams of sunbeams from above. This was her bliss, being moved without much effort in the ocean streams. such was the delight of mermaids.

Finally the current slowed as it ran into the coral reef. She spun like a spinner dolphin then used her tail to brake and float in a small alcove. She giggled as her stomach fluttered.

A small pod of parrot fish surrounded her, hoping for a little chum. She lifted her finger to her lips and shook her head no. Disheartened, they soon scuttled away.

A deep voice from above bellowed down, “Mindy, what have you found?”

She looked up at the gigantic whale shark floating above her. He was the guardian of this reef. Swiftly she swam up and booped him on the nose, just like he was a cat. “Hey there Blue!”

“Hey now, enough playing!” He protested, then laughed at the impish nature Mindy displayed. “Okay, now, what do you find?”

“Look, have you ever seen anything so beautiful?” Her voice carried her amazement as she moved to his eye so he could see. She slowly opened her hand, which held a sparkling green gem.

Blue released a stream of bubbles from his blowhole and with wisdom in his voice announced, “My dear, that is the gem of happiness. I believe our collection is almost complete with this addition. It will fit perfectly with the pearls and diamond. Soon we will have all we need to protect the reef.”

Mindy flipped with joy. “So I found the right one, eh! Thanks Blue!”

“Now, go store it in the cavern with the others.” The whale shark flicked his tale and began to move on. “More reef to patrol. Later Mindy!”

“Bye, Blue!” She waved at him then swam to the cavern.

Inside, it sparkled of platinum and gold. The sun streaming in from above bounced off the metals and lit it up from all angles. A small treasure box waited on the shelf.

Mindy opened it and looked at their collection, then gently set it down between the black pearl and clear diamond. “Soon, this will be complete.”

5 thoughts on “Down Under

  1. Love the whimsical feel I get from Mindy, even when taking care of a serious task. What protection does the reef need? How will the gems make it safe? More tales of the deep, please?! 💞💞💞

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