Changing Tastes – A Rambling Thought

Why do I now like guacamole?

Avocados were always gross.

But now I find myself carving them up,

And creating the mushy stuff every other week!

I did this with tomatoes too,

Falling in and out of love with the red fruit…

Yes, that’s right, I called it a fruit!

Once a year we get to go pick them,

I love when there’s a bumper crop.

However, the acidity still burns my hands…

How else can you seed the darn things!

But back to those silly avocados,

Slimy and squishy and all of that..yuck!

Now I find myself almost craving them, huh?

Did you know if you get a red one,

The flesh might be yellowy-orange,

And topped with a little sugar, it’s good to go?

Or add in some onions, tomatoes, garlic, salt and lime,

Maybe even a little Cotija to make it cheesy,

And it’s the perfect pairing with lime tortilla chips.

Others might say, yay! Bring on the margaritas,

But nope, that hasn’t moved yet to a like,

but I’ll take a limeade or sangria, it’s all right.

With what foods have you had a love/hate relationship?

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