Brownstone – Part 2

Melissa headed down the two flights of stairs to the main floor, picked up the keys, then headed down to the locked basement. She expected a dark, dank dungeon-like area. When she opened the door and flicked on the lights, she was surprised to find a finished basement. The washer and dryer area had a nice folding area and hanging rack. Supplies to wash the linens were already here, as if it were waiting for a guest.

She loaded the washer and started it, then looked around. The basement seemed undersized compared to the other floors. She realized a wall cut the space in half. She went to the small door and tried to open it. It was locked. She flipped through the keys and found one that finally unlocked the door.

She walked in and found a studio apartment. Things started making sense to how Jane could afford this place…supplemental income from the apartment. Melissa made a note to call an agent in the morning to find out how to get it listed. The space was fully furnished with a kitchen, bathroom, and a living/bedroom area. She heard the washer start knocking so she headed out of the apartment and locked up.

She balanced the load. It was just about to go into spin mode, so she pulled out a chair by the counter and flipped through her phone. It finally dinged, so she started moving the linens to the dryer. Inside the dryer however was a single item, a black men’s tee. It must have been from a former tenant; she pulled it out, folded it, and set it aside, then finished loading and starting the dryer.

She checked the time; dinner should be arriving in ten minutes. She forgot the long lead times of ordering in when in the city, but today it worked for her. She went back up to the main floor and settled in. She was thankful some furniture was left behind for her to use. It was still a shock that this whole place was hers.

A knock came from the door. Finally, dinner! She opened the door and signed the slip, then took the bag. “Thank you!”

The guy grinned. “Thanks for the tip!”

She was always a bit too generous with her tips, but she knew it was appreciated. “You’re welcome, have a great night!”

She shut and locked the door, then made her way to the kitchen. She ripped open the back to make a temporary plate and assembled her Italian beef sandwich. Then she saw it…honey packets! Only in Chi-Town! She looked forwarded to dunking her fries in honey and ketchup, just like when she was a kid.

Maybe she’ll like being back in the city after all. She finished up dinner and made her way back down to get the linens. As she came back up, she locked up on the first floor then headed up to the top floor, and finally settled in for the night. Maybe all this will make some more sense in the morning after a good night’s sleep.

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