Nothing but Trouble

The ticking of the clock grows ever louder as darkness fills the room. Finally, the dimness gives way to a lonely desk lamp flickering in the night.

Keys are struck vigorously, seeking answers through tired, glazed eyes. Numbers and figures dance endlessly, but never reveal the truth behind them.

Pushing on, but growing weak, a weary head rests on an unsteady arm. Nodding off triggers a snap of the neck and a flutter of the eyes. Caffeine calls once more, so finally a break from the screen.

Searching the air for answers while the tea pot boils. Options and solutions roil and rattle through the brain. Finally a whistle returns to the moment, and a pour and a steep gives a break for five minutes more.

Fresher eyes resume their focus as the sips go down. No, it couldn’t be that simple. Was it there all along?

A quick stare out the window and the skies are starting to glow. Is the sun already returning once more? Back to the screen as a second wind kicks in. A handful more of keystrokes and cha-ching! It’s a win!

Finalizing the work goes quicker than that cup of tea. Now hopefully the sleep-starved can find their 💤.

3 thoughts on “Nothing but Trouble

  1. Amazing how much a short break and caffeine can accomplish! Fresher eyes are the key to many a thorny problem. So is sleep, so I hope the starved was able to get some! 💞

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