Brownstone – Part 5

Melissa ran her fingers over the corners of the shell inlaid box. It’s intricate design mesmerized her momentarily. She found the latch and lifted it, then the top seemed to spring open.

Inside, green velvet lined the box. An envelope with her name rested inside. She picked it up, set it aside, then took a look at the contents. A black velvet box greeted her next. She opened it and gasped. A gold diamond and emerald encrusted collar necklace with matching chandelier earrings sparkled.

Why would Jane have this masterpiece?

She picked up the box to look at the stones more closely. The light danced and dazzled off each facet. Melissa was in complete awe of its beauty.

She finally set the jewelry box down. Then she realized why the box was so heavy. The bottom was lined with one Troy ounce gold ingots. There must have been 30 or more stacked on the top layer; and there were several layers.

Melissa sat stunned. What was all this hidden wealth? Hopefully Jane’s letter would explain it.

Melissa’s attention was pulled to the stairway. Kathy’s voiced echoed up, “Everything okay? I have another client and we only allow one person at a time.”

Melissa couldn’t process anything more. She slipped out two bricks for appraisal then placed the necklace back in and sealed the box.

“I’m ready,” she responded to Kathy.

She listened to the clunk of Kathy’s heels up the stairs. When Kathy reached the landing, she inquired, “Will you be taking the box today or keeping it here?”

Melissa stuttered, understanding the value. “Oh, up, definitely keeping it here for now.”

Kathy shook her hand and opened the door to the safe. Melissa walked the box back to its spot and locked it up.

“Thank you, Kathy. I’ll make an appointment next time I plan to stop in.

Melissa patted her pocket to ensure the gold was secure and held Jane’s letter in her hand. Kathy handed her a business card as they walked by the other patron waiting in the lobby.

Melissa smiled at the middle aged woman, dressed to the nines in a Chanel suit. The lady nodded knowingly back.

What has Jane gotten me into? Melissa pondered as she walked home, gripping Jane’s letter even tighter.

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