Emerald Thoughts

She fiddled with the emerald pendant hanging from her neck. It was a gift, misunderstood by the giver. Yes, she wanted it, but she worked for it and wanted to buy it of her own accord. But still, this gift dangled gracefully from its chain. It was beyond thoughtful, and more than ever should have been given to her.

She caressed the green gem. It glistened, surrounded by diamonds and set in gold. She would only wear it on special occasions, holidays and celebrations. She would enjoy it while it was hers, knowing one day she would pass it along.

It wasn’t her birthstone. But being part Irish, she had always been drawn to its hue. Her prom gown was the same color, all those years ago. She went stag with her girlfriends, but she’d picked that dress out hoping he’d change his mind back. He didn’t. Not at that time at least.

Her mind floated. They would make love on a hand sewn quilt in his bedroom a few years later. He touched her stomach as they joked over names. He told her what he wanted to name her. She didn’t understand back then what it meant to him. She wouldn’t get it for well on more than a decade, but life decided that joy wouldn’t be shared with her.

They both moved on, found other partners, perhaps better for each of them. In her mind, though, she would always wonder. They kept in contact, exchanging jokes, pictures, and life events, although miles apart and never in person.

Her heart still held room for him all those years later. One way or another, she decided she would find a way to pass this beauty on to his daughter. See, it’s her birthstone hanging from that cord.

She knew it was silly to think this way. But she realized life was flying by. Perhaps, some day in the not too distant future, the perfect opportunity would finally arise. Maybe, then, her Irish eyes will once again be shining.

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