Morning Comes Early

The skies outside are dark, but my eyes are wide awake. The jet lag interferes with my sleep; in just a few hours, I’ll need a nap.

I wander to the balcony. Waves crash in the distance while little finches and chickadees chirp. Soon the sun will come, but I have energy to burn now.

I slip on sneakers and shorts…and a shirt too…and head down to the lobby. A few other jet lagged souls stumble around, trying to figure out if it is night or day.

I take a sip from my water bottle. Do I walk or sit and relax? Too much energy and too stiff to sit anymore, although by looking at me, you’d never know.

I set out on the paved path along the shore. The night lasts a little longer. Then I see the deep blue lighten up; dawn approaches.

I turn back. The walk back to the resort is shorter than the walk out. I find a seat and enjoy the birds as the rest of the world wakens.

In the distance I see rain over Lanai while the morning light dances on Molokai’s East shore. Occasional mist droplets reach my legs, but not enough to call it rain.

Joggers and walkers make their way on the path I already took. Others with coffee in hand take a seat, ready to watch morning come.

Lawnmowers start up, more birds join in on the cacophony. So much for a peaceful sunrise!No worries, it’s good to see the world awake. Time for breakfast, then I need a nap!

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