A battle of opposites begins.

Lightness floats all around, encircling the dark.

Darkness settles in, making its stand.

Trading places, the dark pushes back, lightness begins to fade.

The darkness is pierced by the light again.

A stab in darkness’s heart.

The dark pushes back, shattering the light.

A twinkling of light scatters.

The darkness runs toward the light, blocking it once more.

Eclipsing it’s rays and calling in reinforcements.

Darkness gathers again, backlit by the light.

Light streams through the cracks, surviving once more.

The cycle continues, taking up infinite space and time.

Without each other, neither could exist.

Nor could anything else.

Will they ever find their balance?

poetry, writing

Owl’s Nest

The hoot of an owl, off in the distance, calls out in the night.

The fresh spring leaves quiver in the gentle breeze,

As the cool air settles on the mountainside.

Nestled in our treehouse, high among the branches,

The forest sings our souls to sleep.

poetry, writing

The Old Man in the Tree

He slumbers all day, deep inside his tree.

As the sun sets, he opens his eyes to watch as people stroll by.

Most do not see him, and this makes him sad.

How can you just walk by without saying “Hi!” he wonders to himself.

But innocent children and creative minds will stop and smile.

When they do, he reveals himself in a most beautiful way.

A shudder of leaves and a joyful smile grows across his face, for he knows he is appreciated.

poetry, writing

Early Morning Walks

The sun has barely risen and the air is close.

With each step, my feet sink into the sand. Sweat drips off my brow.

The water quietly laps at the shore as a troop of pelican skim the surface of a shallow wave.

A small tern swiftly dives in and retreats with his breakfast.

I pause from my walk, inhaling the salty air and taking a sip of cold water.

Quiet early mornings are a wonderful way to start a day.

If only this was how every day could start.

poetry, writing

Night Sky

The flickering flame dances across the fire.

The crackling sound of the wood fills my ears.

The embers float to the heavens,

Gently extinguished by the cool night air.

Mesmerized by the show in our campfire, the evening passes.

I lean back and look up into the night.

Stars upon stars shine in the black sky

With thousands of pin points of light.

Our world is so vast, it makes me feel small,

But full of wonder.

There is so much more than we can ever know.

poetry, writing

Wonder in the Stars

I look up and see the stars shining bright.

The moon rises as do my spirits.

Knowing you are here in this world,

Sometimes this is enough

to settle my soul and make me smile.

As long as we are both here, there is a chance

We won’t have to wait until next time.

I wonder if you ever think the same.