Velvet black skies speckled with starlight

Waves unfurl and splash into shadowy shore.

Haunting hoots from an owl echoes in the air,

Then the swoosh of flapping wings as he chases prey.

Silence returns as the night moves on,

Yielding to light as the owl returns to slumber.

poetry, writing


It’s still in the eighties, autumn come soon.

I want to pull out cozy sweaters

And lace up my Merrill boots.

We don’t get the piles of leaves here,

But I hope soon for a slight chill in the air.

Time to bake and cook fall favs,

Cinnamon and nutmeg and cloves too,

Vanilla, apples, and maybe pumpkin for you.

Days grow shorter and nights grow longer.

It even means time to get out for walks,

Finally the heat will break away and

Sweat no longer soaks through.

Autumn, Autumn, please come soon!

poetry, writing

Muses True?

Why is it I want to write stories with you?

Then live them out as something new.

Come up with little vignettes with you,

Dream them up line by line or two.

Explore new journeys with you,

And have real adventures too.

Why does my soul call for you?

Prose and poetry easily flow through

When I reconnect with you,

Even though it is for a moment or a few.

It is my unexplained connection with you.

Do you want to write new stories too?

I wonder if it is the same for you.

Are we each other’s muses true?

Bad Saturday night poetry at its finest! 🤭

poetry, writing

Twists and Turns

Let’s build a labyrinth in our backyard,

Full of hedges and flowers galore.

Birds, bees, and butterflies too,

Will flit around for us to adore.

We will hide a place just for us inside,

Out of sight behind a hidden door.

We’ll slip away to our quiet place,

Where we can make love under the moon once more.

Along the twists and turns we will place

Surprises full of mystery and lore.

The girls and guests will have no idea

as they journey what will be in store.

But let it be a place for fun and rest,

And our little secret forevermore.

poetry, writing

Beach Dreamin’

Away I escape into the sun,

Seeking out happiness and fun.

Never mind the sprinkles, I like the rain,

Under a beach blanket, I’m truly insane.

Toes dig in to powdery soft sand,

And a tropical drink in my hand.

All of this would be full bliss,

If only it were topped off with your kiss.

poetry, writing


I look like an idiot grinning ear to ear,

As I read over our chats in the past year.

How can I hold such a place in my heart

After we have spent decades apart?

I know you care which makes me happy,

Hope you feel the same from me. I know, sappy!

poetry, writing

1:47 am

Eyes wide open in the darkest of night.

Double tap of the wrist. 1:47 am.

Looking around, everything is alright.

That one is snoring, look at him…

While I lay here with thoughts running…

Of course, among them, is one of you.

It isn’t naughty nor is it too cunning,

But I wonder to myself, are you up too?

I grin and fluff my pillow, then rest my head.

Hopefully sleep will soon return to me in bed.

poetry, writing

Endless Wishes

Shhh…be quiet and enjoy the sounds.

Turn down the radio and turn off the lantern.

Watch the stars dance in the sky,

Hear the waves crash into the shore.

Breathe in the sweetness of jasmine and plumeria.

Lie back and sink your toes into the sand.

Lace your fingers with mine, and hold my hand.

Let’s make endless wishes on shooting stars.

poetry, writing

-Berrr Months Come Quick!

Owls and pumpkins and twinkling lights,

Hoots, squawks, and howls in the nights.

Cool breezes rustle the leaves in the trees.

Boots splash in puddles up to her knees.

Soon the air will be crisp with fall scents,

Cinnamon, vanilla, and firewood from vents.

Clearing skies show stars and moon above.

Summer give way to the Fall I love!

poetry, writing

It’s Alright

A mane with waves like the sea,

Eyes as dark as the darkest night.

An evil streak exists deep inside,

But she fights it with all her might.

Raised to be pure and true of heart,

Working hard and trying to do right.

But sometimes her desires come through,

Especially when she wants to be held tight.

She retreats into her mind at these times,

And gives her plump pink lips a bite.