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Keep Up!

Cycles are off and the world is spinning,

A never ending journey on an infinite loop.

Over and over, the trials keep replaying

And won’t stop till the lesson is learned.

Swiftly turning, faster and faster,

Each day passes quicker and quicker,

with less time, less opportunities to change.

So we struggle just to keep up

And worry the world will pass us by.

Until one day, there is no more.

poetry, writing

Spring Cleaning

A little house cleaning is sometimes a must,

Now, I’m not talking rounding up dust.

There comes a time to purge and delete,

And battles with emotions to defeat.

Removing images that make one sink,

And all those things causing one to overthink.

But still some things will always remain,

Parting with them causes too much pain.

poetry, writing

Moon Flower

Finger-like branches reach to the sky

Hold up the glowing orb in the night

Rays pierce through to the forest floor,

As dried leaves crunch underfoot.

Glowing eyes in the distance blink,

Suddenly everything freezes still

Water from a brook trickles by,

And finally, the beast turns and runs.

Stepping closer, a trail of stardust floats,

And settles to the ground. From it blooms

A beauty so bright in the moon’s light,

Flowers in gentle lilac and yellow.

She stops, kneels, and breathes it all in.

If only for a moment, she finds peace.

poetry, writing

Work Work Work for IT

The night grows colder as the hours wane.

Whirring of the refrigerator fills the silence.

Eyes grow tired staring at a backlit screen

Occasional scraping of a mouse echoes.

Work never ends in the world today,

Rare is the weekend open to just play.

The shift from 9 to 5, once the daily grind,

Is now replaced with always on, 3-6-5.

Are we burning candles at both ends?

Will we soon run out of wick?

Hopefully we can recharge somehow,

But we better make it quick.

poetry, writing


Let me slide on some thigh high knit socks,

Curl up on the sofa in an over sized sweater

And serve me a cup of warm cream tea.

Kiss my forehead before you lay down,

Then rest your weary head on my lap.

Share your secrets with me, tell me all,

And watch how much in love I fall.

poetry, writing

Full Circle, Not Yet

“I really don’t have time. I really must hurry.”

He looked back as he ran for the train.

She stood there, her face covered with worry,

As her lips quivered and eyes started to rain.

“My love, I will always will be right here,”

And she laid her hand over her heart.

“My feelings will not fade, do not fear,”

God, how she knew this would smart.

To his soul she will always be bound.

One day life must circle its way around.

poetry, writing

Long to Go

Twinkling sounds dance from wind chimes

As the sky’s breath moves them to and fro.

The sounds remind me of olden times

When grandparents live and gardens grow.

Birds sing songs full of rhymes,

And scent fills the air of berries and tomato.

The world, simple yet spanning lifetimes,

The daffodils and tulips bloom just so.

The mountains await for our climbs,

And my mind and heart so long to go.

poetry, writing

R & R

The babbling of the spa waterfall lulls me

While the flames of the nearby fire dance

These things put me into a trance.

My mind here is free to wander,

But stays clear of thoughts that hurt,

As if it know it too needs a break.

Here I can feel my stresses melt away.

The crescent moon flies overhead

As the sun bids adieu to the day.

Tonight I will sleep alone in a king bed

Lined with linens and quilts for warmth

And drift off to dream wondrous dreams,

Before next week’s drama starts anew.

NaPoWriMo, poetry, writing

Washed Clean

The heavens spill forth across the land,

The lake’s glass surface ruptures in turmoil

As the sky moans and strikes out in pain.

Loud and disturbing, but calming as well,

For it washes clean the pollen and grunge

And renews the grass and flowers alike.

Slowly the storm recedes, the sky returns blue

And winged creatures take flight once more.

April 30, 2022 – DRM