poetry, writing

Waves lapping against the bridge;

Blue skies dotted with clouds;

The alarm sounds and gates fall;

Slowly the creaky grates rise

All for a tiny sailboat with a tall mast.

Put the car in park, lower the windows

And open the sunroof fully

Letting the salt air in while waiting.

Peer through dark sunglasses

Over the smooth glistening water.

Perhaps a dolphin or two will swim by.

Gulls and pelicans dip for snacks,

While we wait a little while longer.

Finally the groan of the lowering bridge,

And a jiggle of the span below.

It’s time to finally cross over

To the island and beach just beyond.

One of these weekends, I’ll get back home to enjoy this. It’s been too long and I miss feeling the soft sand between my toes and seeing the sparkling clear water. Just me, the sunrise, surrounded by coastal beauty.

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