poetry, writing

The Maze of Life

I once thought life was a labyrinth,

A set path full of twists and turns we each take on our own.

The characters we meet along the way are but fleeting and random.

Now I see it is a maze, with intersections and decision points.

We encounter many and decide to join on a path for the journey.

We face dead ends, hearing others on the other side of the hedge, wanting to find them.

We come to places where we must make decisions to go back together or separate as the maze is too narrow for two.

We share this maze with our world and we come and go in each other’s lives.

The strongest connections find ways in the maze to reconnect, sometimes for just a moment, but others for a lifetime.

Perhaps these lucky few are tied together with an invisible string which can bring them together if they pull hard enough.

Am I one of the lucky few?

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