Tropical Trek – Part 2

They swam to shore, then walked over to her pack and took seats on opposing rocks. He towered over her short stature.

“I’m Steve, by the way,” he stated as he brushed some of the wetness off his head.

“Suzy, nice to meet you,” she responded as she took her towel and dried her legs, then laid the towel across her lap. She dug into her bag, “Sesame snaps?”

He smirked and took a pack from her. “What brings you out here?”

Suzy smiled. “Oh, I am a writer for a travel site. I get to go to fabulous places, do fun things, eat interesting food, and write about it.”

“All by yourself?” Steve’s eyebrow arched up.

“No, no. I arrive a couple days before my team. They’ll do all the videography, photography, and our model/spokesperson will show off what I find.”

“Sounds like a dream job,” he leaned toward her a bit, “traveling the world and such.”

“Well, I used to live behind my computer, basically 24/7, and decided finally, once I had a good cushion built up, to change it all.”

“Getting out of that grind is good!” Steve smirked as he leaned back and bit into one of the sesame snaps. He chewed a moment and looked back over.

She raised her eyes back towards his, “and, what’s your story?”

Steve shifted once more, setting his arms on his knees. She noticed his skin on his shins was slick and smooth, like that of a swimmer. His face soften a bit.

“I’m out here with some buddies. Getting away from the grind.” He laughed at his choice of words. Then he leaned forward and started to speak in a hushed voice, “Actually, I’m here to…”

A clamoring group of men walked out of the dense rainforest . “Hey! Steve!” The troop began to set down their gear.

Suzy looked over the group and then back at Steve. “I should let you get back to your friends.” She extended her hand, “Nice to meet you, Steve.”

Steve shook her hand, then smiled back at her and stood up, “Thanks, later!” He held up the remaining sesame snap as he waved goodbye to join his group.

Suzy waved, then turned back to her pack and pulled out her phone to grab a couple shots of the pools and waterfall. She then made a few notes and packed away her belongings.

She watched the guys goofing around and giggled to herself, then decided to head back. She slipped her shorts back on and her hikers, then quietly headed back into the rainforest, and back to the resort.

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