Tropical Trek – Part 3

Back at the resort, Suzy stepped out of the shower in her room, freshly clean from the day’s trek. She slipped into some hipsters and a light bra, a tee, then picked up the multicolored sarong from the edge of the bed. She wrapped the sarong around her waist, shaping it into a flowing skirt.

Once dressed, she slipped on some strappy sandals and headed out to enjoy a bite to eat in the resort’s restaurant. As she made her way into the restaurant, she could see through the open-air eatery to the ocean. “A seat with a view of the water, please.”

The host guided her to a table set for two with a view down the mountainside and overlooking the water. He handed her a simple menu with local fare and some American standards. She nodded at him with thanks and took her seat.

Suzy quickly looked over the menu and decided on something local, although she couldn’t quite pronounce it. She set the menu down and looked out over the view before her. It was breathtaking. The sun was settling low in the sky as a pair of scarlet macaws flew between the trees which framed her view. The crash of the waves below was distant but soothing. She could get lost in the beauty so easily. This is what would inspire her story for this trip.

A voice from behind startled her back. “Mind if I take a seat?”

She looked up and saw Steve standing there. “Of course! Please.” Her cheeks blushed briefly, but she hoped he would mistake it for the sun. “How was your time with the fellas at the waterfall?”

He scoffed. “I had more fun talking to you.” His lips curled a little at the edges when he spoke. “Anyway, where were we before they so rudely interrupted?” He rested his chin on the heel of his hand.

Suzy was flattered, but she wasn’t here for a fling, but rather work. But a little flirting wouldn’t hurt. “I think you were going to let me in on why you were really here…” She glanced down and then back at him.

Steve leaned forward and lowered her voice, “It was to meet you.” His grin turned sheepish.

Suzy couldn’t help but laugh and roll her eyes. “How many times has that line worked for you?”

Steve started laughing at himself, “Tried, once. And apparently it bombed!”

Both of them started laughing at the same time. Then Steve stopped, “Seriously, just here to relax and have a break from home. We cool?”

Suzy smiled, “Sure. Want to have dinner with me since you’re already here?” She handed him her menu.

They continued their conversation over dinner, exchanging tidbits. Suzy found him interesting and charming. He was interested in hiking and did photography and some marketing related writing of his own and was a bit of a math guy. It was a strange but familiar mix to her own life. By the end of the meals they were comparing stories about their families, travels and life.

The restaurant grew quiet and they realized they were the only remaining customers. Suzy looked around noting the waiter standing at the bar, chatting with the bartender. “I think they may want to head out.” She nodded in their direction.

Steve nodded, “Can I walk you back to your room?”

Suzy grinned and found herself uncannily comfortable with Steve. “Sure.”

As they walked through the resort, Steve found Suzy’s hand and slipped his into hers. She didn’t pull away; it was nice to have someone hold her hand after so long. They found their way down one of the corridors, and Suzy stopped in front of one of the suites.

“Well, this is me.”

Steve fiddled with her fingers for a moment, not wanting to let her go, but then released her hand. “Okay,” he stammered, “hav…have a good night.”

She slid her key into the lock and let herself in. She turned back and looked at Steve, “Maybe I’ll see you tomorrow?”

Steve’s face lit up. “That would be nice.” He made sure her door securely closed before walking off to his room.

Suzy leaned against the inside of the door. She hadn’t felt this way in a long time.

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