Tropical Trek – Part 6

A loud rap came from the door to Suzy’s suite.

Suzy rubbed her eyes and looked over at Steve sleeping there, then looked at her phone for the time. It was just a little past 10 PM. Suzy found her sarong and wrapped it around her hips in an impromptu skirt then made her way to the door.

As she opened the door, Melissa cooed, “Hey sleepy head….”

Suzy lifted her finger to her mouth, prompting Melissa to look around her. Steve’s feet dangled off the bed due to his tall frame. Melissa’s face lit up, but Suzy knew Melissa too well.

“Hold up. Let me grab my keycard,” Suzy whispered as she stepped away from the door.

Melissa held the door open, and they both walked out into the hallway.

“So?” Melissa questioned. “What’s that all about?” She waved her finger in a circular motion at the closed door behind Suzy.

“It’s nothing. We were just talking and fell asleep. See, fully dressed.” Suzy waved at her haphazardly tied sarong. “Don’t say anything though, okay? I’m already having to deal with Mark, and he has no reason to have any opinion on what I do on my personal time.”

Melissa smirked, then smiled. “Sure, nothing will be said. But I swung by to let you know. The team wants to head out in the morning to check out some of the local beaches. We want to meet up at 7 in the lobby. Good for that?”

Suzy smiled and shook her head, “Yeah, I’ll see you all then.”

Suzy slipped back into her room as Melissa walked off. She took a deep breath and headed back to the bed, lightly touching Steve’s shoulder. He stirred but didn’t wake. Suzy set her phone to wake her at 6 and headed back into the bathroom to get ready for bed.

She slipped into a black jersey chemise with lace trim along the bodice. It was modest enough to not suggest anything, but still fit her well should Steve wake up and take notice. She walked through the room turning down the lights, took the throw from the edge of the bed and covered Steve, then slipped between the sheets next to him.

She couldn’t resist him, but she knew she needed to sleep. She turned off the final light, kissed him lightly on the cheek, turned over, then curled up to get some zzz’s. Little did she know, Steve was partially awake and smiled, then wrapped his arm around her waist as they both fell to sleep.

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