On the Hill, By the Sea

A little girl played among the wildflowers on the hill by the sea. Dressed in a white babydoll dress and black patent leather shoes, she looked fresh from church in her Sunday best. Her brown curly hair floated on the onshore winds. Her smile brightened up the area and her giggle was light and infectious as butterflies floated around her head.

On the lane, coming down the hill, rode a young boy on his bicycle. He wore an old tam hat, a white buttoned down shirt, and blue broadcloth pants. His blue eyes sparkled in the sun. He lifted his legs from the pedals as the bike gained speed down the slope. And hollered, “Wheeee!”

The little girl looked up just in time to see the boy’s bike catch on a rock. The boy desperately held on, trying to remain in control. The little girl jumped up and started to run as the bike barreled toward her.

The boy finally found his brakes and squealed to a stop. “Whew! That was close!” And he let out a chuckle.

The girl walked back to where she had been seated, right where the boy stopped, and looked at the ground. A small flower pile sat mere inches from his front tire.

“That was close! At least my flowers weren’t crushed!”

They both surveyed the spot, then the boy piped up. “Whatcha’ you doin’ with those flowers?”

She sat back down in the grass. “Oh, making my crown!” Then, she giggled. “No princess is complete without her crown.”

The boy scoffed. “Princesses are blond, blue-eyed, and boooorrring.” He waved his hand in the air.

“No they’re not! Take that back!” Her brown eyes looked sad as she crossed her arms. Her scowl made the boy stand back. “They are strong, beautiful, and can kick your butt!” Then she stuck her tongue out at him.

The boy smirked and realized how cute this little brown-haired girl looked. “Well then! You must be a princess.”

The little girl stopped and then blushed.

The boy continued, “Can I be your prince?”

A little flustered, the girl didn’t know what to say at first. She thought for a moment. “Well, you’ll need a crown…” and she motioned to the ground for him to take a seat.

The boy jumped off his bike, letting it fall into the grass, and joined her there, among the wildflowers on the hill by the sea.

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