Today is a rant. I need to get it out; it’s blocking my creativity. Thank you ahead of time for your patience….More uplifting and entertaining writing will follow, I promise!

Why are people sometimes so obtuse?

We all are at times, I know; and we cannot always balance what we want or say, feel, or do to make everyone else happy. I’m not saying that at all.

Okay, I know…Lighten up, Frances! And, boy, do I try!!!

But still, there is that realization, especially when you are close to someone, that maybe, just maybe, restraint or courtesy needs to be extended.

But let’s get honest…are you that obtuse or do you just not care? How do you think I feel???

Sounds like I’m coming in sideways, I know. But it could be over anything for anyone. The recovering alcoholic being offered a beer, a fat person being guilted into eating that slice of cake while they are on a diet, that thin person being told they need to eat more, a joke about losing hair when dealing with alopecia, or a childless woman forced to watch two hours of comedic situations about women discussing new mom events because her husband just has to see it… then being asked “is that what it feels like?”

So, I try to laugh along, all the while being torn up inside, and turn my attention to work so I don’t have to express what I feel…

…because…lighten up, Frances.

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