Does man truly have dominion over this world?

Over the plants and animals, the living things.

Leaving the weather and other-worldly things to God or the lesser gods?

Why do some need to exert such control?

Is it really the civilized thing to do?

Shouldn’t we really live our lives and

Let others live theirs?

Sure, protection from each other is needed;

I am not saying anarchy is any better;

Such is the folly for survival of the fittest.

But to build, we seem to first destroy.

Some insist that all life is precious,

Then commit wars in its name.

When the end of life is too painful,

We take our pets to the vet to do the humane thing;

But we allow for humans to suffer until the very end despite pleas for relief,

We take the rights of mothers away until the child is born;

But what if that child would still die,

Suffering through it’s only moments of life?

No, we must hope for a miracle, one that rarely, if ever, comes.

How can we call ourselves humane?

All because man believes he has dominion of this world.

All because someone in power is busy playing God.

Maybe one day we’ll figure this mess out.

I just hope it isn’t too late.

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