“Phhhhbt!” the sandy haired boy blew raspberries at the brown eyed curly haired girl standing in his front yard.

Her lower lip wavered a moment. “Momma said to bring this over!” She stretched out her hands, balancing a plate full of peanut butter cookies with chocolate kisses.

The boy stepped out from behind the porch railing. “Are those kiss cookies?”

The little girl blushed. “Yes. I helped momma make them.”

The little boy raced down the front steps and ran up to her, reaching for the plate. He exclaimed, “My favorite!”

The little girl turned her Mary Jane patent shoed foot inward. “Yay! I hope you like them.” She handed him the plate. A brown curl fell across her forehead.

He grinned as he took the plate, then turned and ran back to the porch. He yelled back , “Thanks!” and gave her a quick wave.

He swung open the screen door and called to his mom, “Look! Cookies!” then disappeared behind the squeaking door.

The little girl turned back to her house. A sweet smile crept across her lips as she skipped home.

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