The air was heavy with the scent of blooming flowers. She brushed her fingertips across the blooms as she walked through their acreage. They bought the land as their first purchase after the wedding, knowing they would build their life here.

The heat of the sun bounced off her white button down as the breeze tossed her short brown hair against her face. She tucked a few strands behind her ear. Her jeans stopped the scratching of the overgrowth.

She looked back towards the house. A home filled with memories and happiness awaited her return. The mountains in the distance still filled her with awe and wonder. The past month had been too quiet though; she missed him and the girls.

Hot breath came down on her neck, and then a loud snort. She stopped in her tracks, then reached in her pocket. As she spun around, she presented the beast a shiny red apple.

He whinnied then snapped it up, munching away. They rescued Cashmere, a chestnut mustang, a few years prior and let him wander on the fields. She pet his face and smiled.

In the distance, she saw a cloud of dust rise. He was finally home, and her heart filled with joy. She turned from Cashmere and headed back to the house.

He pulled into the winding drive of their homestead. He was nervous after having been away so long. It was a good nervous, almost excitement.

He stepped on the brakes when he saw her in the distance. She wasn’t looking his way, so he took a moment to watch her.

He loved watching her when she didn’t know. He watched her sleeping, cooking, always mesmerized by her presence.

Today he saw her enjoying the wildflowers. Her crisp white shirt and dark jeans framed her figure. It was rounder now, but he stilled loved it, because it was her.

He spied Cash walking up to her. She always carried a couple apples for him when she walked the field. Her face lit up as she turned to her trusted steed.

He was still in awe of her enjoyment in the simple things. At that moment, he had an urge to take her in his arms. He refocused on the drive and took off toward home.

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