She found herself in a frenzy once more,

Knowing mother would soon call.

She didn’t know why she was this way,

But feared the sting of her biting tongue.

Cleaning was a must, along with a change,

Fresh sheets were in order, drying under way.

But her frenzy led her down a path,

One she barely recovered from.

The world spun as the comforter pile neared,

Catching her from a vertigo spiral.

She lay there a moment, covered in sweat.

Finally she stood back up, sopping wet.

She stumbled back to the room,

Oh no, she missed the bed skirt,

Covered in telltale traces of kitty fur.

At least she could sit to finish this task.

Finally the room was ready,

So off to the sofa she went to collapse.

Giving in to the rocking feeling in her head.

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