Florida Summer

Thwap. Crackle. A peal of thunder, then a boom. Lights flicker and the house goes dark.

Pounding on the roof grows louder as the storm rolls in. Scurrying little creatures slink along the floor, tails pouffed out full. A bawl echoes as the boy cries out.

I pull up the throw and soon both my babes curl in close. No room for even air between them and me. They shiver at first, but finally calm and break into purrs.

The air in the house is cool tonight and my socked covered toes remain chilled. Humidity is a double edged sword…curly hair when hot and frigid digits when cold.

At least the phone has charge and connected. I scroll through WordPress, looking over a few conversations and posts, then off to Pinterest. It boggles my mind how it selects some pins for my feed…I never looked or spoke of certain topics, although it’s in the back of my mind. Surely Pinterest isn’t that clairvoyant?

Finally the lights return and the internet connection is restored. My mate decided to find something for us to watch.

The storm quiets and my little ones once more feel safe to wander. I rest my head as scenes play out on the tv. Tomorrow is another day, and we’ll have another round of storms. Such is summer in Florida.

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