Warm waves rolled ashore. Toes and feet sink into the sand. Facing into the wind, her linen dress flutters behind against tanned legs.

She yells out his name to the gods, to the birds, to the sea, to anything that would hear her plea. Her hands wrap around her waist and she collapses to her knees. A broken heart releases some of its pain as her cry dissipates to the sky.

She would gladly let the sea swallow her whole, but knows she can’t give in to her despair. Her face is salty from the sea and tears. The sand, usually powdery soft, is rough on her shins. Shards of shells cut into her knees as her body continue to sink into the quicksand like shore.

Finally her tears cease and she recovers. As more waves come in, the frees herself and finally stands. She brushes the water from her hands, then wipes away her sadness.

The sun finishes rising as she reminds herself, today is just another day. She survived the past, now it’s time to face the future.

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