Crunch, crunch. Snow crackles underfoot. She follows the path they made earlier this evening from their cabin, around the workshop, and to the fire pit.

The pit is now in embers following this evening’s s’mores fest. The air, once filled with laughter, is now quiet. It is the night of the new moon, nary a light in the sky except for distant stars.

The tripod’s legs scrape as she extends them; the cold has made the plastic hard. Gently she snaps the camera into place and waits for the show to begin.

She wipes the fresh dusting of snow from her Adirondack and settles in. A blanket and a thermos of hot chocolate keep her company. She and the grandkids made a big pot for the evening and now she gets to enjoy the remains.

She can smell the wood burning in their fireplace. He’s tucking in their little visitors while she waits. She spun up a tale for them before bed and now it was time for him to have one-on-one time. She loves how he loves them.

Brilliant stars glow in the night sky. This alone is enough to keep her entertained, but tonight weathermen predicted the aurora would make its way south enough for them to see.

She sips from her thermos. The liquid is warm and sweet on her tongue. She tucks her feet up and settles in. The breeze nips at her cheeks, but she finds peace in these moments. A smile spreads across her face.

Soon, she sees a glimmer of light over the mountain peaks. She pulls out her phone and texts her husband to come outside. He chills easily and prefers indoors at this time of year, but this moment is special. She hopes he joins her.

She stands up and makes sure the camera is focused and her phone is paired. Everything is set. Gently, she backs away to keep the camera in place. Soon she hears his footsteps.

The glow of the aurora intensifies. It is the first time she gets to see this amazing sight. A quiet “oh, wow,” slips from her lips.

He wraps his arms around her and whispers, “I’m glad I finally get to share this with you,” and he softly kisses her on the cheek.

She sinks into his hug. “Me, too.”

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