Hot Hike

Smack! She flinched having hit herself. A small drop of blood dripped and smeared across her leg. One less mosquito in the world.

Palm fronds blocked the path, snapping back after each hiker pushed through. The heat from the early morning sun was not yet oppressive, but sweat formed and hair curled.

Squishing noises rose from underfoot. Yesterday’s rains left normally sandy trails muddy and slick. Today was not the day to leave the hiking poles behind.

The squawk of a blue heron echoed through the waterway. A warning to another to leave. One takes flight in search of a new branch.

Out in the lake, a large alligator swam with his tail out of the water. Soon, another appeared in the reeds, enjoying the sun.

Finally, turning away from the lake, a canopy of oaks provided shelter from the rays. Zebra, monarch, and yellow sulfur butterflies flitted among the flowering scrub brush lining the last bit of the trail.

Wiping brows and looking forward to breakfast, we wrapped up our saunter and packed in. It was a nice way to start a new week.

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