Mystery Tin

A rapid knock came from the front door;

Then the driver ran off to deliver something else.

Down the street the tail lights wandered off,

Before I could even fumble to the stoop.

I swung open the screen and what did I see?

A two-foot tall can with a design just for me.

The tin can was rather light as I picked it up.

I suspected its contents for just a moment.

A card greeted me under the gigantic bow.

“Wait to open until the first snow!”

I looked out to the colorful leaves,

It could be days or weeks before that day.

But I set it in the corner by the tree to wait.

Anticipation grew as the days shrunk.

We questioned and pondered and almost peeked.

But finally the clouds turned gray,

And the first dusting fell from the skies.

Out came the blankets and movies,

A cuddle fest was on for that night.

I looked at him and said, “Alright!

Time to see what auntie had in mind!”

So I peeled off the lid and let it clang to the ground.

I ripped open the vacuum packed bag,

Then, smells of caramel and cheese bloomed!

Something from my childhood I so enjoy, “Here!”

“Have a handful of Chicago style POPCORN!”

Inspired by Lady Jabberwocky’s prompt:http://ladyjabberwocky.com/2022/09/12/prompt-of-the-week-ill-grab-the-popcorn/

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