The Way It Should Be

Imagine being so excited, you just can’t wait.

The future is about to arrive,

Your heart beats hard in your chest.

He looks your way and smiles.

All you see is everything you want,

Everything you need,

Everything you ever hoped for.

Music has barely started.

No bouquet in hand.

However, you can’t wait!

You take off running to join him.

Your satin skirt floats on air.

Heels clicking across the tiles.

Giggles from your guests arise.

You stop and your skirt twirls and settles.

You turn, giving him a giddy smile.

He chuckles with excitement of his own.

Your eyes dance as you look at each other

Filled with so much love.

Inspired by a video I saw on instagram. I wonder what it would feel like to be this excited. Imagine being so in love!

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