Fodder to Ponder

Travel beckons and I hear it’s call.

My life has led me near and far.

But one place I have not seen

Still echoes it’s call within me.

It’s not my culture, but I appreciate it.

Please no claims of misappropriation!

Growing up, I had an aunt,

She heard the same call.

She would buy me trinkets

From various Asian cultures.

I still display a few of these things.

A small silk covered jewelry box

With embroidered butterflies

Sits on my jewelry cabinet.

A marble piece, hand painted,

With a dark haired geisha under a Sakura.

I remember going to EPCOT,

The world showcase was the best.

I loved wandering through the Japan pavilion

And the China one too. Items of bamboo

And jade, silk and such; but oh, the food!

Teppanyaki was fun to watch,

And red bean ice cream for desert to boot.

But what I loved the most were the quiet spots,

Koi ponds and bamboo watering spouts,

Gentle sounds and calming waters about.

As I grew older, my tastes became more worldly,

I discovered “real” Asian cuisine,

Hibachi, noodles, sushi and dim sum, my fav!

I had done dim sum in Florida, but

I was amazed when I enjoyed it in San Fran.

The lines were out the door,

the steam carts were flowing,

And the kitchen specials were amazing.

Give me bao buns and gai lan with oyster sauce any day!

When I found myself single at 31,

I fell in love with a JC Penney framed piece,

Just a print of a simple vase holding orchids;

It included Asian details, such as a Hanko.

It hangs over my dresser, near my trinkets,

Including a silk fan with my name in script.

So imagine my surprise years later,

You sporting that Japanese Superman shirt;

I didn’t forget how you liked the displays at EPCOT

and the katanas at Downtown Disney too.

I can’t help but wonder about so much…

One day, I hope to make it to that part of the world,

I just wonder who will be standing by my side.

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