Dark skies greeted the day. Easy to see, something was amiss. The lake was eerily calm despite the gray clouds. Birds darted about, making final preparations.

Rains fell throughout the morn, but passed as quickly as it came. The winds picked up as the day wore on, slowly passing by.

As the daylight faded, the sounds of torrential downpours struck the double-paned window. Whistles and howls slipped through cracks as puddles of water gulped up the rains.

A whooshing sound flew across the lake as boards pulled up from the aging dock. Thuds echoed through the house as wood met block.

Groans and creaks, pings, and snaps grew as the darkness of night took over. The noises seemed to drown out everything else. Even conversations and television gave way.

A loud crash startled. One of the oak trees finally crumpled under the winds and surrendered a large branch. As it fell off the roof, scraping noises rattled the bedroom and out nerves.

While the house stood its ground, the noises continued as debris flew. Another branch smacked the window, causing the blinds to shake and sway.

Hours more to go. Sleep will not be sound, if any can even be had. Morning we will see what will be found.

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