Howling Winds

A long night slowly crept by. Forced my focus away from the news. We knew what was coming, so I needed to alleviate anxiety.

Thankful to have power, so I sat and stitched. A blue and white quilt I decided to make. I pursed my lips and lost myself to the dancing needle, guiding it along the seams.

Mother kept obsessing on the storm; now I know where I get it from. I look up and smile, reassure her, then focus back on sewing. She doesn’t understand why I’m not absorbed like her, but I know I’m better off.

Finally I break from sewing to rest my eyes. The weather and news played on with warnings and updates. The winds picked up and then the final flicker. No more electricity.

Lit a candle and recline on the couch; too scared to sleep so close to the windows in our room. Listening to the whistle and howls was nerve wracking. Sleep came in fits and starts.

The morning broke; cool air and drizzles floated by. Now the winds were calm and I could finally get some real sleep.

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