A Nice Surprise

He slid into the seat next to her and glanced her way. “So, you wanna drive?”

She lifted her hand to him. A black silk sleeping mask dangled from her index finger. “Yes, now put this on.” She giggled softly, “It’s a surprise.”

He plucked the mask and scoffed. “If I have to wear this, I’m going to get some shuteye.” He reclined his seat back as she revved the engine.

He could tell they were headed through the curves of the pass, but soon sleep took over. He lost track of time in his slumber.

The closing of the driver’s door startled him awake. She soon opened the door on his side of the car.

“Give me your hand, but don’t take off the mask just yet.”

He took in a deep breath. The air was cleaner here, fresher. She slipped her hand into his.

“Come this way.” She navigated him through a small maze of steps and turns.

He heard the snicker and an “awww” of a couple as they walked past. He heard her chuckle a bit, then the click of a door lock.

She led him through the door. “Now, give me a moment; don’t move.” She stepped away a moment.

He thought to peek and lifted his hand to his face.

“Unh-uh. Don’t spoil it!” She commanded.

He lowered his hand. “I had an itch!” He covered for himself.

She laughed and paused a few more moments. “Okay, go ahead.”

He lifted his veil and looked around. She stood in front of him with a grin. A plush sofa and chair sat in front of him. He knew he was in a hotel, but where?

He took a few steps into the adjoining room. A king bed awaited them. He turned around and stepped back into the little living room. “Where are we?”

She tilted her head towards sliding doors. A small balcony revealed what awaited outside.

He pulled the curtain back and took a look. Sun was setting, and it was quiet outside. He turned to her with a smile, then realized she had his trunks in her hand.

“Wanna go for a dip?”

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