Smoke floated upon the air. The smell of burning wood brought to mind cool fall nights, football games, and hot cocoa. She pulled her coat around her, inhaling his cologne that still lingered on her from his hug. A smile crept across her face.

Her suede boots crunched through the leaves. She turned down the side street and walked along the Williams Cemetery. Leaves blew about as the shadows grew long in the full moon.

She heard noise coming from behind the gates. A child cried in the distance.

Her mind told her that it couldn’t be; why would a child be in the graveyard at this time of night? But she couldn’t ignore the plea for help.

She lifted the metal bar holding the gate closed, and pulled open the heavy iron door. She stepped through and walked along the path.

She heard a squeal behind her then the click of the gate behind her. Startled, she spun around, but saw no one through the light and shadows.

The cry behind her beckoned once more. She cautiously walked across the field, weaving between headstones, until she arrived at a freshly dug grave.

She stopped as a chill went up her spin. A faint figure seemed to move in the distance. She rubbed her eyes, and the mirage disappeared as quickly as it came.

Something brushed up against her leg, startling her. She jumped and lost her footing, tripping on the pile of dirt and tumbling near the edge of the grave.

She escaped falling in, but her foot dangled over the edge. She then realized a small kitten was sitting near her. He approached her, brushing up against her once more and mewing aloud.

She laughed at herself. The baby crying was this little ball of fur. She scooped him up and buttoned up her jacket, giving him a safe place to warm up.

Soon she stood back up and returned to the gate. On the wind, she thought she heard a whisper. “Take care of my kitten, please.” She shook it off as her mind playing tricks.

She opened the gate and shut it behind her. She picked up the pace as she headed home. Her heels clicked faster until she was almost at a run. She clutched her new friend to her so he wouldn’t be afraid.

The front porch lights were a welcome sight. She slipped out of her boots and stepped inside. “I’m home!”

Her parents looked up and the sight of dismay gave way to relief.

“What’s wrong?” She looked at them perplexed.

“Little Suzy was killed tonight, the little girl up the street. She was looking for her kitten, Jax, when she was hit by a car.”

She paused and gasped. She fished the little kitten from her coat. A tear ran down her face. “I think I found him.”

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