Love Makes Light

Glints of lights bounce around,

Glitter reflecting candlelight,

Twirling about in wooden floors,

For a few moments, the world was all right.

Joyful music filled the spacious hall,

A lively clamor from wall to wall.

Hand holding and dancing close,

Tuxedos and shimmery dresses,

A fanciful buffet spread served,

And away went all of the stresses.

Tonight was a night full of dreams,

When hearts burst at the seams.

The final songs are softly played,

The lights dim, the crowd disappears,

Quietly they stroll outside,

Arm in arm, full of good cheers

The gala and finery was more than they’d know,

The evening closed with beautiful fireworks aglow.

Cheap streamers and sparklers about,

The reality they actually did not see,

Store bought trays of cheese and dessert,

It was all their minds’ own fantasy.

Their hearts and their hands fit like a glove,

Nothing else mattered except their true love.

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