Own It!

Here we go again, another struggle on its way.

It isn’t mine, but she tries to lay it at my feet.

How did this happen, this confusion and dismay?

Every direction turns into her latest defeat.

I have to hold my tongue and direct;

With tears, it isn’t time to correct.

So, I let her collect her thoughts,

Find her peace, practice mindfulness,

Honestly, though, I’m tired of the oughts.

All this drama is sadly senseless.

She needs to do what she’s got to do,

Don’t make me make the decision for you.

2 thoughts on “Own It!

  1. Some people seem to have more struggle and drama than others….I wonder do they thrive on it, or are they truly lost as to how to own and deal with things life throws at them? Beautifully written, Dawn! 💞

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