Brownstone – Part 3

Melissa woke up to light streaming into her third floor bedroom. The room seemed to magically come alive in the light. The new day was filled with lots to do to begin settling in to Jane’s home…her home.

She sat thinking for a bit. How would she keep this house? Surely the taxes alone will strain her current income. Maybe renting rooms will help. Something more for her to investigate.

Melissa had a few more mysteries to untangle today. First up was a visit to that bank. But first, a shower, then tea. She hoped there was some tea in the kitchen; if not, a stop at Starbucks would have to do.

As she stepped into the bathroom, she whispered “Thank you.” Cousin Jane had pre-arranged leaving the utilities on for a month in the will and even had the probate lawyer stage toiletries in the bathroom for Melissa to use. One less thing to worry about!

The water pipes squealed and clanged as the water made its way to the shower head. The water was chilly, but slowly warmed up. Melissa was surprised by the flow. The shower had great water pressure for its age, better than her itty bitty apartment.

After showering she headed downstairs. The fourth tread down popped as she stepped off of it. She turned and realized is was loose, making a mental note to address it…and to be careful with it until then.

When she entered at the kitchen, she saw a beautiful tea caddy and a tea kettle. She couldn’t recall seeing them the previous night, but she smiled. However, when she opened the tea caddy, instead of tea she found a hand scrawled note.

Sometimes, there are things you just need to take care of for yourself! ❤️, Jane

She snickered to herself, then grabbed her purse and keys. Under her breath, she sighed, “Starbucks it is,” then headed out for a another day full of adventure.

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