Art Art Art

Bright pink anemone dances in clear blue waters;

A lone clown fish shuttles in and out;

A grand oak graces the canvas,

Limbs spread out amid a gentle fog;

Cold hard steel bent and twisted

Into hearts and symbols of LOVE;

Glass and ceramics fused together

Into an overhead view of islands and sea;

Sculptures adorning sidewalks and lawn,

Paintings of realism and abstract alike;

Such creativity from artists all around

With oohs and aahs from the crowd;

Each artist awaits their perfect client,

The ones with money lining their pockets

With that perfect wall to showcase their work;

All while the rest of us drool and dream….

Maybe we’ll win the lottery and buy that piece;

Or perhaps be so inspired by these works,

That we can learn the skills to make our own.

Art Festivals are bastions of inspiration

Bringing alive dreams and flights of fancy.

One thought on “Art Art Art

  1. So much talent showcased there…more than worth every penny but not everyone can afford all they would like to buy. So we leave our appreciation and compliments behind instead, wishing it was more. 💞

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