Bye-Bye Precious Locks

She grimaced as she sat down. The black cape was securely snapped in place. She held up her phone showing her the picture.

“It’s time.”

“Shampoo cut and style?”

She nodded and followed her to the sink. A nice scalp massage and squeeze dry, then it was back to the chair.

She didn’t want to watch as the inches of curls fell away. Nine months of trying to grow it out, but it just wouldn’t cooperate. It should have been ponytail ready for the coming heatwaves, but the sides just refused.

“It came back in nicely though. The medicine is working.”

She smiled back, but realized long locks were never to be again. Her shoulders couldn’t handle the time it took to straighten it, and her hair was really too thin.

The stylist trimmed around her ears. A flash of white caught her eye.

“Wow, that is bright!”

“It’s a pretty grey,” she assured her, “It will be much cooler too!”

She knew, and she was tired of the disheveled look her curls usually brought.

A blow-dry, a few stray trims, and it was done.


She smiled at the mirror into her sleeker, more in-charge look. Her head felt lighter and her neck felt the cool air once again. She was sad at undoing all her hard work, but glad to have a fresh look at the same time.

The floor around her was littered with her failure, but at least it wasn’t her on her head, serving up a constant reminder. She settled up and walked out with a new outlook.

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