Holy Guacamole

I’m addicted. Not necessarily to eating it, but more to making it. Slowly, it is becoming a Sunday ritual.

First comes the garlic. I slide the papery covered cloves into a tube and roll until they release. Then I work my knife all around until it is finely chopped. I’ve also done the whole “rub the bowl” with a clove trick. I slide the garlic to one corner of the chopping board.

Next, I ready the lime. Sliced in half, I put half to the side and slice 4 wedges. Lime just smells so fresh…and helps neutralize the garlic a little on my fingers.

Now, the onion. I probably should do this before the lime. Maybe next time. I slice and dice it into little bits. The purple is pretty next to the creamy white garlic and the bright green lime.

Now, tomato! My serrated knife makes quick work to seed the tomatoes then slice and dice into perfect little chunks.

Next, some sprigs of cilantro. I go a little light with just two stalks. Rinse, pat dry, and chop it up. The chopping block is full of color now.

I pull out the cotija cheese to add at the end, and some salt. I also pull out the adobo san pimento as an extra hit of flavor.

All this chopping has relaxed me. I pull out the bowl and now it’s finally time. I grab the slim cado, a large smooth skinned avocado, and cut it in two. I remove the pit and segment the flesh, then scoop it out into the bowl.

Now the fun part. First, I squeeze the lime over the avocado and give it a toss. Then, I grab the smasher and begin mashing away. The yellow highlights blend in with the green meat.

I sprinkle in some adobo and salt, then grab a spoon and slide the blend of cuttings from the chopping block into the bowl. I stir everything lightly, blending all the flavors. Finally I break off a piece of cotija and crumble it atop the guacamole.

Now it’s ready to serve. I smile as I dish it out into mini bowls, then tightly cover the rest with cling wrap before putting it in the fridge.

Who knew making guacamole would be such a zen experience?!

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