I Hate Everything


Now, don’t get me wrong. The taste of an everything bagel with a fried egg, bacon and Swiss is delicious for breakfast. It’s especially divine when someone else makes it and serves it to me with a lovely London Fog – Island style.

But, still, I hate everything bagels.

Their oniony smell permeates all other bagel flavors when buying a bakers dozen. No one likes to bite into their cinnamon crunch and taste onion!

Their poppy seeds and sesame seeds litter the counter. No matter how much I wipe, more appear even when no bagels had been consumed.

The scent of the bagel wafts through the air, even when it is only sourdough slices being toasted up. That scent invades my nostrils when I’m only wanting a whiff of fresh bread.

But still, the bag ends up in the basket whenever we run low. It’s a staple I can’t avoid. I hate everything….bagels.

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