Need a Recharge

Stress building, piling on unnecessarily.

Vacation is coming, but demands at work demand.

It is time to walk away from the chaos,

It is time my brain had a moment.

I’m making mistakes due to overload,

And losing my cool, truth be told.

Maybe this isn’t for me after all,

Let me study data and chart out the needs,

All this management just feeds my anxiety.

The break can’t come soon enough,

And I know I’ll just be so nervous while I am gone.

But, I need the break, my mind is taxed.

It’s almost time for me just to relax!

3 thoughts on “Need a Recharge

  1. Sometimes the work required to take a break doesn’t seem like a fair trade off. Getting work ready, getting home ready, and getting everything packed to take with you can be quite exhausting. But hopefully you can get everything done with a minimum of stress, and be able to set work aside to enjoy the vacation. 💞 💞 💞

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