Finding Light

The hours ticked away as the miles flew by. She sat, her legs stretched across the back seat. She watched the cars and the scenery pass by.

The car had grown serious, stoic faces abound. Quiet murmurs in passing. Soft touches on shoulders now and then. Hugs and tears, sniffles and stiffening to stifle it all back.

Nothing to be done. The pain pills from the surgery only days before made her senses dull; grateful for the respite from the emotions she might really feel.

Food was needed; the journey only half done. Quick and open at this late hour left few choices. The checkerboard floor made her sway. Footing was not easy as she navigated her way to the booth. 60s swing played in the background.

The upbeat music did not match the mood at the table. Burgers, fries and shakes were served. The pain killers kicked in and she bobbed her head to the beat.

Her mother and uncles stared at her, then finally cracked. Briefly the mood lifted as life does continue despite their loss. Laughter filled the air just a moment…A moment which brought some needed relief before they continued their journey.

More tears would fall, but that interlude was so needed in that moment.

May you find the rays of light when you can and know the darkness will give way in time.

3 thoughts on “Finding Light

  1. Those rays of light, moments of laughter. spots of normalcy are a lifeline to cling to….a respite from the drowning pool of grief and loss. 💞 Sending hugs and prayers

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