On The Attack

No, that rainbow painted truck is not an attack on you. That Pride Parade is not telling you to change your family structure or personal beliefs. No, that gay man won’t make your son gay.

No, having a gay character represented in a movie is not indoctrination. If it is, so is having a heterosexual character. Maybe we should eliminate it all for anyone under 16. Do we really need to become asexual in all things? Oh, and they’ll learn about it all in other less reliable ways.

If a child insists on saying he is a she, or she is a he, or they in either case, it is not the place of the state to dictate and force the issue…this is a parental decision on how to approach this and work with their teachers and their child. P. S. See how easy it is to use gender neutral pronouns?

If you need to use God and religion (Christianity specific) to justify your belief that you can dictate how others should act and be, you kind of missed a whole section of the teachings.

Religion is a personal choice, not to be used as legal justification to impose beliefs on others. If you don’t want Sharia law; you shouldn’t want Christian law or Jewish law, or any religious based law.

Calm your jets, stop the attacks. Your -isms are showing. Your way of life is not under a microscope. That rainbow painted truck is not an attack on your beliefs.

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