NaPoWriMo, poetry, writing

Folly in the Meadow

She runs across the open field

Free from all that once hindered

Light as a feather, she almost floats

In waves of tall grass and flowers

Butterflies and other winged creatures

Float around her adorned head

A ring of wildflowers is her crown

She looks back behind her and sees

The smile she has long adored,

His laughter fills the air as he watches

Soon he takes off, chasing her down,

As he nears he grabs her waist

Lovingly and strong, he turns her around

Her face blushes from sun and the moment

As they spin together in each other’s arms.

Then one trips and down they go,

Giggling at their folly in the meadow

They find each other once more

And seal their lives together with a kiss.

April 18, 2022 – DRM

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