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A world beyond this, I visit in my dreams;

The fantastic, the amazing, the terrifying…

All these worlds await me in my dreams.

I’ve lived in London, walking down cobbled roads,

Watching chaos and riots, thankfully only in my dreams;

Met him at a pub in Edinburgh, finally,

Saying good bye to a lost future, in my dreams.

Frozen, paralyzed in my bed, time and again,

Unable to scream for help, in my dreams.

Toiling, never-ending problems, ugh!, the worst

I never feel rested when it’s work in my dreams.

But then there are flights of fancy, giggling

Some really good things, too, in my dreams.

My favorite is waking up next to you,

Smiling at me with loving eyes in my dreams.

Who know, maybe dreams can come true?

Until then, I guess I’ll have to see you in my dreams.

Written from a prompt from Lady Jabberwocky: http://ladyjabberwocky.com/2023/01/16/prompt-of-the-week-dream-a-little-dream-2/

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